Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Save some lives, save some money, all in a day's work

Well, today I learned how to help save young lives through a Red Cross training course in infant/child CPR. That was nice. Then I did something really impressive: I got a $90 area rug for less than $15 at an Urban Outfitters! Now, I generally dismiss UO as thriftstore chic for the hopelessly lazy or terminally stoopid (Sid does not condemn terminal laziness  or stoopidity out of hand; but why pay top dollar to look like you got your clothes from the Goodwill and your furniture from a dumpster? I mean, have you seen the price tags they put on the decorative store furniture that you and I both know they actually did get from one of those two places? They crazy.). On the other hand, I do like to go every few months to sneer and see what the little trendmonkeys UO calls "buyers" are marking up 4000% and slinging, like the style equivalent of crackrock, to the masses these days. I enjoy roaming the store watching suckers pay ten or twenty times what I paid for something similar at an actual thrift shop, but what I really love is when the public gets wise, something doesn't sell, and UO is  forced to charge what an item is actually worth. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. My purty new rug is as warm and fuzzy as that feelin'.  


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