Saturday, July 31, 2004

"Where is my Darkness? Bring me my Darkness."

Mama, this is another entry for you to ignore. So I am rereading A Caress of Twilight by Laurell K. Hamilton for the second time in two weeks. That woman knows how to write a hot love scene, by golly. Talk about a "fertile" imagination. The main character has not one love interest, not two, nor even three. Hussy has six. SIX! And she gets to--nay, is required to--have her way with them nightly. Like, they trade off. Unless they want to double up, in which case the double-uppers get two nights in a row. Whew. I'm all atingle. So anyway, as with any good scifi/fantasy series, there is an official web haven for geeko fans to gather and spend time being fan geekos together, and this is LKH's. Of course I've been. I'm even going to get a mug, to prove how fanly I am. I got sucked into lurking on a message board about which of the main character's suitors is the hottest and most likely to become her permanent bedmate. Mind you, these are totally fictional, written characters without any visual representation as yet. Still, there were plenty of opinions. Very very concrete opinions. The most popular seemed to be this one character nicknamed the queen's Darkness. He's head-to-toe black, is part hellhound, and has a tendency to stalk the lead around the bedroom and growl during "relations." I'd vote for him, too. Which got me thinking. Where is my Darkness? I want a Darkness! Any volunteers? By the the end of the third book of the Merry Gentry series, Merry has sixteen suitors, BTW. God damn. I love this series.


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