Monday, August 02, 2004

Jesus makes another cameo.

There are some things that should be left well enough alone. Big Butt magazine is one of those things. The other day, internet superstar friend and I went looking for a copy so she could decide whether she wanted to be featured (tastefully, or as tastefully as possible in a magazine called Big Butt) in its glossy pages. We didn't find it then, but we found it today. Sweet baby Jesus in a jerkin, it was horrific! I suppose the number of big-arsed ladies willing to aim their fannies at a camera is low, and the number willing to do it minimally clothed lower still, but damn. Couldn't they have found some moderately attractive subjects? Some who would be willing to put in the effort required of a nudipants centerfold? You know, like taking a makeup lesson, or, god-I-hate-admitting-I-know-anything-about-this, waxing their hairy bums! Blech. Eeew. Twitch. 'Scuse me while I gouge out my eyes. ISF always poses clothed and tarted up, and so she will not be shakin' what her mama gave her for BBM. We also made our way to Crumbs, a really yummy bakery (The corner of W75 and Amsterdam), where I got a delicious minicupcake in strawberry buttercream flavor, which was actually even more delicious than the cupcakes at Magnolia, so I won't have to make any special trips to the Village to get my grub on. Then we had dinner at Jacques-Imo's, a Cajun place on W77 and Columbus. I ordered crawfish etouffee, a dish I got often at the Border Cafe during my time in Cambridge, and she ordered the fried chicken platter. I got a bland version of the dish I loved, and she got a plate with three very skinny, sad looking pieces of fried chicken (topped with a slice of jalapeno each, which I guess was supposed to make it more appetizing). The food was decent, but not great, and massively overpriced: the fried chicken alone rang in at $16, which is just sacrilege. I mean, damn, it's fried chicken! We could have gotten the same dishes better, and cheaper, on 125th St. We should have gone to Popeye's. Probably could have gotten a complimentary copy of BBM there. Dang.


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