Thursday, August 12, 2004

Heaven on Atlantic Avenue

The Atlantic Terminal mall (at Flatbush and Atlantic Aves. in Brooklyn--B, Q, 2,3,4,5 at Atlantic Ave.) is discount heaven. There's a brand-spankin' new Target, and a DSW, and a Burlington Coat Factory, all in one place! Why don't I live in Brooklyn? The rent is lower than on the UWS, and it has all this cheapster bounty. Oh wait, I don't pay rent. That's why. But if I decide to stay in New York after my current gig ends, I'm moving to Brooklyn. I went to Target. I love Target. It just opened two weeks ago, and still it has clearance items. Now I have a purty blue rug for my kitchen floor, a scale for my bathroom, a set of cutlery with drawer organizer for my grub, a magnetic dry-erase board for my fridge, and filing trays for my desk, all for under $25. I went to DSW (that's a discount shoe warehouse for the unitiated). Know what I got? Waterproofer. Know what else? Leather and suede cleaner. Know how much they cost me, combined? $8.15 with tax. Know how much they cost me if you factor in round-trip tribute to the MTA gods of transportation? $12.15. Know how much less that is than the pre-tax price of waterproofer alone at Tip Top Shoes? $0.84. Savings with taxes factored in? $2.85. So who done good? Sid.


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