Thursday, August 05, 2004

Migraines, Diane Sawyer and the Prince of Darkness

Why do the people in the Excedrin commercials always have crazy eyes? Is it supposed to be some migraine common denominator? I've known people who get migraines. They don't have crazy eyes. Hmmmm. Who the holy-rolling-hell approved the voiceover for previews of Diane Sawyer's interview with Tom Cruise*. "Hear what it's like for Tom as a single dad." Watch as he makes "I'm bearing up under the strain of single-fatherhood" faces at her vaselined lens. This is journalism? The hell, you say! I'm sorry, am I supposed to be sympathetic? Shut. The Hell. Up. Single dad, my ass. He's got nannies. And doesn't the redhaired giraffe have the kids most of the time (with her nannies) anyway? Where is the hard-lined questioning delivered to Whitney and Bobby? Oh wait, nevermind. Ooooooh, I hate broadcast! Goddamn, producer folk, have some integrity! Asskissers. *This rant** was only mildly colored by my anti-Tom Cruise bias. That man looks like he uses his dragon teeth to eat babies for breakfast, which is only a slight step up from Dick Cheney's suspected habit of bathing in the blood of infants and virgins to maintain his unnatural reign outside of Hell, his true domain... **Those who know Sid also recognize the irony of this criticism.


At 5/05/2006 11:40:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Diane Sawyer must have shares in Vasoline,i know she's getting on a bit but that doesn't excuse using pornographic camera lens for a morning news show.


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