Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Corrections

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Well dang, I've already got to start running corrections. First, I confess to breaking my vow not to eat out for a week. I just got back from a nummy grubfest with ISF at Crif Dogs on St. Marks (113 St. Marks Pl., somehwere between 1st and Avenue A). I've been trying to get there forever, and finally I got my greedy little paws and jaws around a Crif Dogs veggie corndog, and it was the best waste of nutritional value I've had in weeks. It was so good that I convinced ISF, who had wanted to go grab some healthier Middle Eastern fare, to go back to CD instead, so I tried a veggie Philly Tube dog, too (that's with nuke-orange cheese goop and fried onions). It ain't every day you find a place that'll perform such indecent acts on an otherwise innocent veggie dog for your pleasure. I have to start dating somebody in the Village or something so I have more excuses to trip downtown. Of course, if I ate there all the time, the small chance of me dating would inevitably become even smaller. Ne'ermind. But I will get back on that no eating out bandwagon, starting now. And then, an update on my Lavar Hair Design Saga. It seems that, for whatever reason, the LHD folks have opted not to charge me tip, so according to my bank, the scamfest only set me back an extra $40 (to the tune of $88 total) instead of $60 (the $108 I authorized including tip). We'll see if that's final, some sort of "Sorry we screwed you" deal, or if they just haven't noticed the tip I wrote in yet and will charge me when they do. Hmph. That's all for now. I'm sure I'll discover I've accidentally lied--excuse me, misspoken--about something else soon.


At 10/15/2004 05:42:00 PM, Blogger deborah said...

ooohh la la... hot dogs... love em love em love em. Will have to try this place too wshen there. Do they say what they make the vegie dogs with? *thinks I should factor all this eating in when packing my suitcase.... excess baggage!*

At 10/21/2004 02:59:00 PM, Blogger Zantiferous3 said...

Hmmph I'm still mad about the LHD thing.

*sobbing while missing NY franks.. and pizza and Chinese food and bagels and Carribbean food*


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