Monday, October 04, 2004

To the five boroughs...Brooklyn

There's more to New York than Manhattan, right? Like Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island. And Brooklyn. It's time to do more. First stop, Brooklyn. Which really meant forcing myself to look beyond the Atlantic Ave. stop and see something besides Target. Sigh. Because Brooklyn is more than a discount shopping haven. It gots culchah, too. Like the Brooklyn Museum of Art. I made my second visit to the BMA last Saturday (see, I have left the island for something other than cheap shoes and housewares), in hopes of seeing the John Singer Sargent exhibit I was told (on my first visit) would be opening "in the fall." Unfortunately, they meant October. So instead I puttered around and had a grand time admiring the Rodin, decorative arts and American identities exhibits. And at $6 suggested donation (free on the first Saturday of each month), it was inexpensive enough that I didn't even feel the need to whip out my expired student ID to scam half-price admission**. (I will of course return now that October has begun, to see the Sargent and Kehinde Wiley exhibits, opening this coming weekend.) Anyhoo, the only real drawback to the BMA leg of the trip was the fellow in the elevator who whispered admonitions to himself throughout the five floor ride. It could have been worse. He kept his pants on. That's saying something with NYC crazies. Don't worry, I haven't lost my flair for vapid consumerism. Of course, I went shopping, too. I went to much-hyped natural beauty product shop Carol's Daughter (1 S Elliot St; A or C to Lafayette, Harlem shop allegedly coming soon). You know the sister in the flowing cotton robes and patchouli cloud, with a head of beautifully kept locks? The one with the shea- and mango-butter lip-balm and earthy, serene smile? She got her beauty supplies from Carol's Daughter. Alas, I'm the sister standing next to her in Chanel perfume and Nars gloss with a blowout, wondering if the earth-mother serenity, one-love schtick is all an act, so Carol's Daughter was maybe not so much for me. Everything smelled either too "earthy" or too tropical-fruity for my liking, and I quickly realized why L'Occitane's shea butter cream rings in at $35 to CD's $17 pure tub-o-shea (I don't know what it takes to get shea butter from the gritty-fat consistency of the product sold in it's pure form at Carol's Daughter to the creamy heaven you get in L'Occitane's body cream, but I suspect it involves soul-mortgaging and heavy machinery. It's worth it, methinks. But L'Occitane also sells a pure shea tub--a little more than half the size for twice the money at CD, so if you are into that sort of thing, get it at CD). If you're like me--a big fan of sophisticated, multinote fragrances and beauty products with multi-hyphenate ingredients, go to Sephora. Carol's Daughter is absolutely worth the trip for hippies and natural product lovers, though, and there is a really inspiring story to the product line. I bought a bottle of their mandarin melange body cleansing gel and hit the road. I finished the trip off with a stop at my favorite mall, where I made off with a bunch of Target home goods (filing trays, folders, a matching set of office goodies--waste bin, pen and doodad cups, etc.) for about $20. I'll have to make another trip or ten for the grub/club scene. Once I've explored all of Brooklyn's nooks, I'll start on Queens. I haven't decided on the whole Bronx/SI issue, yet (unless someone's got Yanks tickets they'd like to offer?). So, that was the weekend before the one that just passed. This past weekend is a whole 'nother blog. **Which I have done, I am ashamed to admit, at the Met. I live within walking distance* of the Met, MOMA and the Guggenheim, and yet I've been to the Met once and have yet to visit MOMA or the Guggenheim. The BMA and I are officially friends. *Anything under 45 minutes is walking distance.


At 10/05/2004 05:10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess you can call me hippy earth mother. I wish I had known you were going because I would have put my order in and saved a trip to Bklyn. I am running out of products. The products are perfect for the Fall and winter season.


At 10/05/2004 05:35:00 PM, Blogger deborah said...

I had a look at the products at Carols Daughter - they look divine. *adds to list of things to check out*

Supposedly there is some great Indian food in
Queens/Jackson Heights too... for your next exploration of the 5 boroughs...

At 10/05/2004 07:54:00 PM, Blogger TheBlackNewYorker said...

Queens has the Amazing Mets! Yea!
. . . but baseball season is almost over.
Brooklyn has BAM! Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Aquarium at Coney Island, Brooklyn Brewery to taste some Brooklyns, the beer.
The Bronx has the Bronx Zoo, The Cloisters, Bronx Botanical Gardens.
Staten Island has . . . the ferry? Take the ferry to drift by the Statue of Liberty.
Manhattan has just about everything. Please check out the Conservatory Garden on 109th Street and 5th.

At 10/06/2004 02:08:00 PM, Blogger Zantiferous3 said...

Thanks to TBNY for telling me what I used to call BAM because I knew I called something BAM and when I saw Sid call it BMA (Brooklyn Museum of Art) I started to think I was crazy for a minute. Okay, so it's the Academy of Music. Okay, got it. Thanks.

YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO THE GUGGENHEIM??? GET OUT!!! Well the architecture of the building ALONE is enough to warrant a visit. But it's a great trip.

The Bronx!!! We have the zoo, the botanical gardens (they're across teh street from each other), and the stadium (I don't need to tell you WHICH - just follow the trail of all those pennants and the smell of all those World Series Rings and you'll find our team!!!) all three of these things are accessible by the lovely Number 4 train.

Queens has all that TBNY mentioned, plus Flushing Meadow Park (really nice) where you can see the panorama of NYC - really cool.

Oh wow!!! I know Carol's Daughter!!! I've never got into their products though - so I didn't read the story for fear that I would feel pressured into buying something. LOL...but you described their products PERFECTLY LOL@"patchouli cloud" LOL...yep that's exactly the type of woman who buys their stuff. SOOO not me with my freshly relaxed hair falling softly below my shoulders, pushed off my face by brown Gucci tortoiseshell sunglasses (that I found in TJ Maxx for $20.00) and my Oh Baby! MAC Lipglass shimmering brightly on my chestnut lined lips.

I'm SO not natural and earthy - I've never smelled like incense and candles or the stuff that's laid out on one of those African vendors' blankets. I'm more of a retail girl. I smell like Dove exfoliating bodywash, Donna Karan Cashmere Mist and Creme of Nature Conditioning shampoo. LOL Straight out of the mall and CVS - no culture here. LOL

At 1/25/2006 05:58:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just checked out Carol's Daughter's website and was glad to come across your blog about it. It all sounds great on the net, but I figured it might be too fruity. Nice story, but I think I'll stick with Sephora as you suggested. You saved me some dope and time.


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