Tuesday, December 06, 2005

All I Want For Christmas

An updated list of my soon-to-be-favorite things. 1. Nokia 6680/81/82 Baby is getting lonely. She needs a mate. And since she's like her mama, she needs a mate who can not only match but slightly surpass her in some ways she'll respect but not be threatened by because she is pretty goddamn special herself at other things. Ahem. A mate who can text, voice record, video-conference, act as PDA, play music, and snap 1.3 megapixel photos. 2. An iTunes gift card. Like any parent, I spoil my only. She needs new stimuli. Also, M got me one last week and like an asshole I left it at the hotel. Fuck. 3. Nars Savage creme eyeshadow I have hit three Sephoras in two states looking for this shadow. It happens to be what would happen if one were to turn my own skin to a shimmery shadow, and thus works as a kick-ass light liner arond my eyes on those dark-circley days. I've had to make do with MAC Improper Copper base color, but I'm not happy, people. Oh, my mommy found some at some Brooklyn spa and is giving me some for Christmas! Thanks Mom! Yay! 4. A new gym membership. God, I wish I could get someone else to pay for this. NYSC would be great, thanks. 5. A standing weekly appointment at Turning Heads with Dekar. Life would be so much more fabulous if I had a perpetual perfect coif. 6. This Ani Zoe bag. It also comes in turquoise. Either color will work, thanks. 7. More Fekkai Shea Butter Hair Mask and Terax Crema, please. 8. Maid service. God in heaven, I would love you forever. 9. New Year's joy for all, because the last New Year's wish I made was shot all to hell by non-specificity, so I'll just hope everybody else is happy. 10. A Canon A610. Because my camera phone just ain't cuttin' it. Of course, if I had Baby's love, this might be unnecessary... 11. More L'Occitane lippies. I can never have enough. Especially in the arctic New York winter, because ruddy cheeks and ashy, cracked lips? Never a good look. 12. A JBL OnStage. Look! It's like, a UFO for your iPod! Also, this will enable me to play my tunes loud enough in my place to drown out my accompanying caterwaulling. 13. The MZ Wallace Frank wallet. A silver leather wallet, with orange lining! I want it! I want it!Yeah, I know it's for men. I don't care. I'm crazy like that. Look at me, I'm bending genders! 14. Mat Very Male. Okay, I just bought Mat Yellow, which I adore. What I am in fact asking for here is a male who wears Mat Very Male, because, you see, usually when I wish for something, it comes out all skewed in execution, so if I wish for something just to the left of what I actually want, maybe this once I'll get it. Or maybe I'll get the something just right of what I wished for. Pfft. 15. A lease on a 1BR right here. Say what now? You mean I could have twice the luxury space and amenities for half of what it costs to live in Manhattan (X--not a word), in an area with the largest concentration of galleries in the country outside Manhattan? Sold. Sold. Sold. Or leased, whatevers. 16. New Speedcats. Ho Ho Ho, bitches. Or I could go all Nanook on that ass, if yo'd prefer. But you didn't think I'd leave them out, did you?


At 11/30/2005 09:35:00 AM, Blogger divine m said...

Mmmm . . . no more gifties from me, not if you're going to leave behind the ones I already got you. Harumph.

At 11/30/2005 10:24:00 AM, Blogger Mary said...

That's funny because I got the certain someone in my life whom I hope doesn't read your blog (no offense, Sid) an iTunes gift card and the JBL on stage. It's 169 everywhere but 99 at Costco! Smokin' deal. Course, if R and I should happen to break up before the holidays, both gifts can be YOURS!

At 11/30/2005 12:49:00 PM, Blogger Sid said...

M--woman, you know what state I was in when we packed that morning!

Ida left my damn kidney behind if it weren't for the fact that it was still tenuously attached!

Nothing personal, you see. But I loved it! I'm sadder about losing the card than the iTunes thingum.

Mary--thanks sweetie! But I'd rather you and someone who doesn't read this blog stay together. And if you don't, man, what about the dictator? No gadgets for him? LOL

At 11/30/2005 03:40:00 PM, Blogger divine m said...

Okay, I especially forgive you for appreciating the card more than the itunes. Love you!

At 12/01/2005 12:36:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Savage is definitely around -- you have to get it (or get someone to get it for you) from a NARS counter. Sephora doesn't carry the full line. Great list BTW!

At 12/01/2005 03:16:00 AM, Blogger Sid said...

Must. Be. More. Specific.

When I said a New Year's outside New York, I did not mean traveling for work in a reduntant and utterly unnecessary capacity. Yet, this is apparently how the universe interpreted my desire. Motherfuck.

At 12/06/2005 09:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been wanting the try MAT yellow, but I've heard that all of the MAT fragrances have a heavy musky drydown. Can you tell me what prominent notes you smell in it and what the drydown is like?

At 12/07/2005 12:36:00 AM, Blogger Sid said...

The other two Mat female scents and the male scents are definitely muskier than this. I'm a citrus fiend, and this is a very light fragrance--topnotes of citrus, a light, light floral note, and the endnote is rather...peachy. But not like the drugstore bodyspray peach, like a genuine peach.

At 12/07/2005 10:47:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm... thank you. I'm thinking about trying it now, but it's so expensive

At 12/09/2005 04:43:00 PM, Blogger ding said...

ooohh, the Franklin address. VERY good neighborhood!

by all the galleries, you can walk to the Loop or Michigan Ave, you're off the Brown line and you could join East Bank with all the beautiful people - just a couple blocks away!


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