Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Because posting your IM convos is fun.

This is what happens when you put an Ivy grad and a soon-to-be neurology resident together on IM. Dr. P: crazy bzznatch Dr. P: sorry, i really shouldn't be saying that about ___ Sid: hahahaha Sid: sorry Dr. P: heeeee Sid: but you said bzznatch ***** Dr. P: ha ha, oiling of the toes randmly reminds me of rome Dr. P: i love that show Dr. P: its great Sid: hahaha, you're right Dr. P: you totally got me addicted to it Sid: that last episode wasso depressing Sid: it's really great though Sid: HBO has some of the best shows ever Sid: it is the only reason to watch TV besides BBC Dr. P: what else they got Sid: they had SITC ... Dr. P: whats that Sid: and sopranos Sid: oh sex and the city Dr. P: ya, i heard thats a good show- spranos, but i've never seen it Sid: and six feet under, or was that showtime Sid: and oz Sid: and lots of other stuff Dr. P: i 've actually seen two or three whole episodes of sex in the city cause of K Sid: that gets all kinds of awards Sid: haha, did you hate it? Sid: SATC is kinda love/hate. sometimes i like it, but sometimes i'm just like, "them are some big old whores." Sid: eh. Dr. P: oh ya whores indeed Dr. P: i was drunk i think the time i saw it Dr. P: i thought it was really funny, and the i was like, dude, do chicks really think that way? Sid: god i hope not Sid: i mean some must, because that show was super popular Sid: but also i just htink they were big old whores. and new york is seriously like a whole different planet. i dunno, i haven't watched SATC in a while Sid: maybe i will when i plug the box back in (this is shortly after I spill a whole glass of water directly into my cable box.)… Dr. P: oh ya, Dr. P: is the box ready to go Dr. P: wear a mitten of some sort Sid: dunno, but i will Sid: it would have to be a rubbber mitten though, man Sid: wouldn't almost anything else be a conductor? Dr. P: not cotton Dr. P: rubber is a good idea Dr. P: but cotton would conduct Dr. P: not soo much though Dr. P: you could move away still ***** Dr. P: today some dude in line was talking to me right about random stuff Dr. P: this was at fry's when i was messaging you, the line was long as hell Dr. P: and then like twenty minutes into the convo, he asked me about my profession Dr. P: and i told him Dr. P: and he totally didn't believe me Dr. P: i was like dude Dr. P: dude, i'm a doctor for reals man Sid: oh sorry i was plugging my box in Sid: it's really not working right Sid: oh hell Dr. P: oh no Dr. P: not good Sid: wait, but what? the guy at fry's? Dr. P: the guy in line at fry's Dr. P: in line with me Dr. P: he was like doctor's don't talk that way Dr. P: thats what he said Sid: oh he's a bitch … Dr. P: whatever dude, i mean i don't talk the way i do to my friends, when i speak to patients cause you're not supposed to do that Sid: i know i know Sid: that's what's funny Sid: i mean, everyone switches code at some point Sid: you just don't talk the same all the time Sid: context, it's all about context Sid: and you're not going to be dropping words like hemangioma to some dude in line at Fry's Sid: hold please, booting my cable box Dr. P: k Dr. P: secretly i love the classification of hemangioma's Dr. P: its quite exciting Sid: okay i'm waiting a while longer to turn it back on, expecially since it's not working. Sid: hemangiomas are weird Sid: i spend a lot of time online looking at skin conditions for no discernible reason Sid: i should have been a dermatologist Dr. P: dude, thats the hardest residency to get Dr. P: cause its soo kickback Dr. P: and you make mad cash Sid: really? Dr. P: ya, you'renever on call Sid: figures i'd choose that one Sid: haha Dr. P: but i got NO INTEREST in that skin crap Dr. P: sorry Sid: i'm even lazy in my hypothetical career Dr. P: negative on looking at people nasty genital probs Dr. P: gross nation Sid: oh, wait Sid: i thought that's what gynos and urologists and proctologists were for! Dr. P: skin also Sid: ick Dr. P: its SKIN AND STD's Sid: well, nevermind then Dr. P: all combo'd into one Dr. P: yup Sid: i'd be the worst derm ever then Sid: because i'd be all Sid: that'll teach you to go sticking your bits any old place! Sid: ugh Sid: i really want some cake Sid: i have no idea why Dr. P: i really want some of that cupcake at that place you took me to Sid: me too Dr. P: i'll never forget that place for all my living days … Dr. P: IT WAS GOOD AS HELL … Dr. P: okay so dude, on the way back from albuturkey, there was this lady sitting next to me on the plane Sid: albuturkey? Sid: rofl Dr. P: ya ya Sid: yes? …Dr. P: anyways, this chick told me all about aroma therapy S id: whahaha? Dr. P: and then busted out a peppermint oil vail Dr. P: vial Dr. P: and told me to put some on the tips of my nostrils Sid: or phial for the brits Dr. P: so i did, caus i'm crazy, it could've been poison or liquid anthrax for all i knew Sid: genius! anthrax as aromatherapy! um Sid: so how did you feel? Dr. P: great, but for a while i felt like my nose was runny even though it wasn't Dr. P: but it was cool as hell … Sid: hahaha, "cool as hell" … I love my friends. This may only be hilarious to me, but it's my blog, bitches! Hahahaha-okay, sorry, won't happen again. Unless we gat back on the subject of hemangiomas, because those really are interesting as hell.


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