Thursday, September 02, 2004

Lies and the Lying Liars Who Took My Goddamn Money and Lied About Giving it Back

How did I see this bullshit coming? So, I checked my balance today, to see that, as expected, Freshdirect fucking lied about my money being given back to me in a timely manner. So I called and spoke with another friendly service rep, who told me, in so many words, that I could go screw myself, for an additional two days. Because they expected it to be cleared, but it wasn't, and so could I check back then? And when I tried to calmly explain that, no, that was no good, I have to have my money now (because I was planning to go to Noreascon this weekend, and that was going to cost me $100 withouth the hotel room I was planning to reserve, and in fact need to reserve, now bitches, now, except I said all this withouth any swearing, threatening, or raising of voices, because I'm not the kind of person who loses their shit at people who have no power over the situation) she told me she could have an evening shift manager call me back. She said his name was Charles. She wouldn't give me his last name. That was probably wise. So I hung up, and then thought, wait a goddamned minute. It's noon. I know they have a manager on now. So I called back. This time I got the same lady I talked to yesterday (she was nice) and she put me on with a manager who told me no, the first person I talked to today was wrong, they were calling all the banks (because it wasn't just me, of course, they had assed around with a lot of people's money) and would get it released, at least on their end, by the end of the banking business day. After that, it was up to the bank. Now, all of this still begs the question: What the hell are they going to do about all the trouble they've caused? Answer: Escalations. This would be the department Freshdirect has set aside for dealing with People Who Cannot Be Mollified. They have a whole department for this. Is this common, needing a pissed-off-customer department? That cannot be a good sign. The long and short of it is, you write them a little hate letter spelling out all the ways they have screwed you, and somebody in "Escalations" reads it, probably has a good laugh, and then sends you back a letter, maybe saying something like, "Our bad, but that's all you's gettin' from us--an apology." You know, all Kobe Bryant-style. Anyway, before I managed to complete my hate letter, I had to go to work, and by the time I got a minute to have a look-see, they had actually managed to un-lie and get my money back into my account. I'm still done, though. I just notice those punks gave me a meat-sauce WW lasagna. I don't eat no stinkin' meat! I ordered the veggie kind. Grrrrrr. Thanks to Berry, who posted the info for Fairway on her blog, I got a new love...Let's see if it lasts!


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