Thursday, September 16, 2004

Non Sequiturs

First: Where can a woman get a decent nose ring or nose stud in this town? By decent, I mean only that it stays the same color and retains its stone, if applicable, for longer than 43 seconds. I have bought them at Claire's, I have bought them at tattoo and piercing shops in the Village, I have bought them from street vendors. Every last one has proven to be a disaster. The Claire's studs are ridiculously clunky, and all the others lose their stones within minutes, if they don't turn green first. I have been in this city three months, and have tried 11 nose rings in the last two. Eleven, dammit! I have a monthly nose ring budget now, for chrissakes. Ridiculous. Know where I can get a good one? Click here. Second: What the hell is wrong with Tiger Man? I mean, it's not right that the brother was ordered jailed without his lawyer present, and considering he grew a tiger and crocodile to adulthood in a Harlem apartment without losing life or limb, he might just have a "a special gift for dealing with wild animals that others cannot comprehend," but still. He crazy. With a capital CRA. Third: My biography*, available from Price Stern Sloan books. ^_^ Idea stolen from ISF* who I am sure would approve were she here. Fourth: I finally got a Swiffer, to deal with the NYC high-rise parquet floor situation. Let me tell you, I didn't like my last boyfriend this much.


At 9/20/2004 03:31:00 PM, Blogger callalillies said...

Siddy, the next time you come to New Haven, go to Zee's for nose rings. Real nice. Even got the gold!


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