Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Notes to self.

1. Spend more time going to restaurants like Delta Grill, Maya and Sala. I went to cajun and creole grub-spot Delta Grill (700 9th Ave, at 48th St.; C, E at 50th St.) with TBNY a few weeks back, and while she didn't seem too impressed with her gumbo, I was happy as a clam with my fattilicious crawfish pie appetizer and blackened tuna entree. The crawfish pie, served in a portion that is large and dense enough to be an entree in itself, is essentially a big 'ol wedge of mystery melty cheese and flaky crust with a bit of crawfish thrown in to break up the cholesterolfest--oh no, wait, crawfish are cholesterol-laden, too. Oh well. It was yummy, especially washed down with a crisp Abita. The blackened yellowfin, served with a side of buttery veggies and jalapeno-and-cheese mashed potatoes was quite good, as well, though not nearly as spanktacular as the wasabi crusted tuna I had awhile back at Park Avalon. In all, it was much, much better than Jacques-Imo's (though Citysearch rates Jacques-Imo's higher, I've been, and found the food pricey and sorely lacking in flavor and visual appeal), but not as easy on the pocket as Border Cafe in Cambridge--I think I spent about $40 at DG--but hey, this is New York. Even NYC crack hos cost 40% more. Er, or so I've heard... I visited "modern Mexican" haunt Maya (1191 1st Ave, at 64th St.; 6 to 59th) this past weekend with friends, and had the camarones al chipotle: tequila grilled--excuse, flambe'd--shrimp over a manchego-cheesey black bean huarache (the shellfish and cheese pie seems to be a trend with me). But it was good. So good, in fact, that between the dish and the minor debate raging over thr outcome of the recent election (I will not call it a Bush victory, by God), I completely forgot to offer even a bite to my pals until there was naught left but a half of a shrimp and a smear of chipotle. Oops. Next time, pals, promise. Also--the best guacamole I've ever had. 'Course, it was $11, so it damn well better have been.In the end, the appetizer and entree set us back about $35 each. Not bad. But if we'd had drinky drinks and dessert, we'd have spent $50+ each, easily. You are forwarned. And today, Sala (344 Bowery, at Great Jones St.; B, D, F, V to Broadway-Lafayette, 6 to Bleecker) where I popped into the New In Town meetup. The meetup was pretty neat, I must say, though, seriously, I think I was the brownest person there, aside from the waitstaff (what, no new colored folks in town? WTF?). I noshed on a goat cheese and honey tapas dish between fits of awkward conversation, and that alone made it all worthwhile, I suppose. Of course, from now on, I'll just have goat cheese and honey at home, but still. I did meet some interesting people, including one girl who I got along with pretty dang well. I discovered, a few minutes into the conversation, that we were born about 48 hours apart. Freeeeeaky. I hope she'll come to the sushi meetup next week. In fact, I hope lots of people come. I hope y'alls come, too (unless you're one of those scary stalker types who really believes the anchor man is talking to you, and you alone. You can stay home.) 2. Humboldt fog chevre and Vitamin Water do not mix. This must not be forgotten. 3. Start hunting for cheapo flights to Chi-town, where I hope to spend a day or two around New Year's Eve. Windy City, here I come! 4. Spend more time at the Bronx Zoo. It's only $8, you get some exercise hoofin' it from one enclosure/exhibit to another, and you can watch monkeys chest thump and smear shit on glass boxes other than your TV. That was an allusion to the present political climate. I know, it was bad. I'll work it out and edit it over the next few days, so check back! Or not. 5. Holy crispy christ, knit faster.


At 11/10/2004 04:55:00 AM, Blogger TheBlackNewYorker said...

The cold weather is upon us . . . no more pedicures.

At 11/11/2004 12:20:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the eatery tips. next time I'll know where to go if I want south o' the soon-to-be-closed border quiz zine. And to think, I spent all my time out there looking for taco trucks.



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