Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Cars Cars Cars

I went to the NY International Auto Show today. Hot damn, do I love auto shows. I don't even know why, because I essentially pay someone $12 to let me run around looking at cars I can't afford and won't be able to test drive. Still, I love auto shows. All the shiny cars! I love shiny things. And the people who visit the shows! All sorts go to those suckers, lemme tell ya. All. Sorts. Highlights from this show: The Scion xA, which, while not the hottest or most exciting car on display, would certainly be one I'd consider buying new, since it comes nicely equipped for about three month's pay. It's like the starter boyfried of cars. Good space, the rear seats fold down for transporting large items. I liked it. The xB was definitely roomier, but it's also ugly as donkeyshit unless it's customized and super tricked-out, so forget that one. The Mini sport onvertible, which would totally be my first husband of cars. I'd love it, despite its rather important, ahem, shortcomings. Like shitty rear legroom. I'm 5'2" and the back looked like hell. This car only seats 3 people if you sling one across the back seat. Witness the legroom with the driver's seat back far enough for an average-height lady: These puppies start at $25,000 and up. Shown here, fully loaded with all sorts of engine modifications, the floor people said it would be around $37,000. The car I'd totally cheat on the Mini with, and then marry as my wealthy, older second car-husband would have to be the Maserati Spyder convertible. Hello, lover. Kiss kiss! Seen enough? No? Here: I didn't even ask how much this would cost. What the hell's the point? I'll never own one. (I'm hoping here that the whole "Never say never" deal kicks in.) The Maserati Quattroporte was pretty cute, too. It would be my car husband's hot-yet-distinguished friend, with whom I'd flirt but never cross the line, until that one dinner party where we all get really drunk and fool around with each other's spouses, but everyone would pretend not to remember anything in the morning. Um. Onward. This Toyota concept personal transport vehicle would be what my cryogenically-frozen-and-then-thawed-in-fifty-years clone would use to get around town. Generally, my approach to car shows is to look at the things I will drool over (BMW 645 Ci coupe and Z4 3.0i) and then only look at things I'd consider buying (Toyota Matrix, Corolla, Prius, VW Beetle, which also has shitty legroom in back) so I skipped several makes--pretty much all the American brands. I hit every floor, though, even the SUV/van/pick-up floor, and I'd never consider those monsters. Man, I love cars. I'm not saying something so simple as a car could equal happiness, but if I win the Audi TT I bought the raffle ticket for, I won't be crying.


At 3/31/2005 07:21:00 AM, Blogger Dragonslayer said...

Never knew you were a car-freak. Welcome to the club. I should introduce you one day to my left-coast car-nut friend Matthew.

Can you drive stick?

I canna go to the Auto Show anymore. I lust and lust and lust and canna have. That drives me nutz.

At 3/31/2005 09:26:00 AM, Anonymous Shasta MacNasty said...

That Toyota concept car looks like a giant blue vagina. With arm rests.

At 3/31/2005 01:08:00 PM, Blogger Sid said...

I'm only a minor car freak. I do live in manhattan, after all. but I am looking forward to leaving, getting a car, and going on a really long roadtrip.

I actually can't drive a stick, but I'm thinking about taking lessons this year, because that's friggin' tragic. Also, I really want to take one of those racecar driving lessons, because i get all excited when i hit the high 90s, so i'll probably go nuts at 200!


AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! LOL you're right! It's like, the Cuntmobile. That just begs for a song...


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