Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Various and Sundry

1. I take it all back. Except fot that gospel-choiry song, I kinda suddenly love Hot Fuss. And I'm even kinda down with that song until dude starts crowing about how he's got soul but he's not a soldier, which makes me snarkily snicker every time I hear it. 2. My sisters of color, we need to chat right quick about foot love. I don't mean the toe-sucking, shoe fetishizing kind. I mean buying and wearing shoes that fit. This is more important for us than for the melanin-challenged. You see, when they wear shoes that rub and blister and pinch, they get little red blisters and welts and what have you that go away when they go away. Many of us, on the other hand, have a tendency toward hyperpigmentation. And when you routinely abuse your feet and have said tendency, the results are not pretty. Not at all. I was at my favorite shoe store today and saw a beautiful sister rocking the spring prairie-skirt and-sandals deal, and she looked right cute. But. Her feet. Her feet. A latticework of dark scar-rings from above-ankle to heel, little nobs o'brown on big and little toes--and it was clearly due to ill-fitting shoes. Don't let that happen to you. Please. And if it has, work it out with some fade-cream or something. Because we all notice. Is "jank" appropriate here? I'm not up on the lingo. 3. Brothers, ladies appreciate admiration, but can it wait until we're off the phone? You see me holding a conversation, phone-to-ear. Don't get upset if you try to holla and I don't respond. What, you expected me to hang up? Yeah, no. Not gonna happen, sweets. 4. Does anybody else have cravings for boy-flavors like the have tastes for different kinds of food? Because, I swear today I had a hankerin' for a tatooed, buzz-cut Asian boy. And two days ago I was all about middle-aged bald guys in nice suits and man-scents. Is that weird? 5. I just realized my Velvet Revolver CD is a dualdisc. I watched the videos on the flipside and watched Scott Weiland totally out-whorewiggle all the professional video-hos onscreen. Outstanding. Bless you, Scott Weiland, for being sex on wheels. I've also belatedly developed a crush on Duff McKagan. I dunno where the hell that came from. Huh. Oh, but I was highly amused and slightly disturbed when reading the liner notes for the album, which I am also growing to love with repeat listenings--they're all so bloody domestic now, with their thanks to their Grammas and wives and personal trainers. Yep. My rock gods have gone from writing drug anthems like "Nighttrain" to thanking their personal trainers in the liners. 6. Both Feministe and Heart on a Stick have now featured Cat Town, which is actually hilarious, and you should maybe check it out, because I would like other people to understand that when I start going "Deedle doot doo dee dee!" or "Hurr hurr hurr!"I'm not barking mad, I'm just unoriginal. It could be the next "I'm Rick James, bitch!" if we all do our part. Which would be good, since Chappelle is never coming back. Or is he?


At 5/11/2005 02:25:00 AM, Blogger ding said...

i love the killers. love. them.

re: hankerings. mine are inappropriate. after surviving on a steady diet of pale, skinny smart boys, sometimes i hanker after latino short order cooks. then, the next week, it'll be the jcrew looking daddy down the block. then, after that, back to the pale skinny smart boy.


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