Friday, May 06, 2005

Irritating and Ironic Hipster Bullshit, Or, The Moment I Realized My Youth Was No More

A strong case could be made that my ear for music stopped evolving in 1998. Hell, look at my little roadtrip playlist, or any of my FR10s. Some time around then, I just stopped paying much attention to music. I also am/was/will likely always be a tattooed (lightly), pierced (acceptably), beer-swilling (at this very moment, bitches) rock girl. I don't try to hide this. But I've felt quite out of the loop, lately, with all kinds of music. I don't watch the MTV no more. I've fallen behind. And I can't catch up by watching the MTV, because I'm finally old enough that the MTV pisses me off and I start grumping about how it is turning kids these days into assholes (Haha, just kidding, MTV. I really love your work. Please let me be one of your editorial underlings. I am so down with the kids! I'm the downest!) . Mmmm, my point. Oh, also, I hate radio. And I have no muzak-loving associates nearby at the moment to advise me. So. I went to Tower. They have listening stations there, you know. I could listen to an album, and then decide if I liked it enough to spend $15 on it! I had a budget of about $50. I spent $30 on the STP album and some Sublime yesterday. I listened to The Hives, Jem, Jet, Iron and Wine, QOTSA, Kasabian, Interpol, Hot Hot Heat, and on and on. The Hives did not suck, but made me inexplicably antsy. I realized by track 4 that I would want to kill Jem if I listened to the whole album at once, ever, even if it was only $9. QOTSA's Lullabies to Paralyze was the only album of theirs I could find, and somehow I wasn't too thrilled, though I will keep trying because I trust Keidra's tastes. Kasabian made me happy at first, but after about 4 tracks, I started to hate them. In the end, I spent $14.11, on The Killers' Hot Fuss. And only because it wasn't at a listening station, and thus I couldn't prove I would hate it, and I've heard two songs I actually like somewhere, and I wasn't leaving emptyhanded. I've heard it. I like those two songs. For fuck's sake. There are gospel choirs involved in some of the other songs. WTF? *eyeroll* Rock used to be so earnest. Now it's all ironic hipster bullshit. Goddamn. I blame Fred Durst.* CURSE YOU FRED DURST! *Because I think A&R folks got together and said, "Okay, kiddies, what's the opposite of Fred Durst? What is the opposite of a faux-hard, playboy, tattooed, takes himself way-too-seriously dirty rock-rap boy? And someone said "Dude, fey hipster boys in skinny ties and ill-fitting suits and pointy-toed shoes who're totally ironic, like, all the time!" Grrrr. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Gr. Shit, I almost want Buckcherry to come back, if only for the promise of ego, strippers and cocaine.


At 5/07/2005 02:53:00 AM, Blogger K. said...

Oooh. Lullabies is NOT the best QOTSA CD to start with. If Lullabies was my first QOTSA experience, I wouldn't like them either. Don't get me wrong, I like the album, but I also know it's a de-fanged Queens, without former bandmates Mark Lanegan and Nick Oliveri. Actually, I burned copies of Rated R and Songs for the Deaf for you. E-mail me your address and I'll send them.

At 5/07/2005 02:58:00 AM, Blogger K. said...

I forgot to add that I rarely ever like bands when I first hear them, and it took me 6 months after first hearing QOTSA to decide that I actually liked them.

At 5/09/2005 03:15:00 PM, Blogger crossfader72 said...



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