Friday, January 13, 2006

I heart this man.

*shrug* What, and you don't? Pfft. Straight men should heart this man. He is the beautifullest man in the history of ever, damnit. And for the record? This is the only man with cornrows I would look twice at, ta very much.* TGIF. *Thanks for reminding me how much I heart him, Keidra!


At 1/13/2006 10:40:00 AM, Blogger K. said...

My pleasure! I love those pictures. He's gorgeous! I'm glad I was not a regular viewer of OZ, or I would be even more hesitant to call him my TV boyfriend, I'm sure. But he probably will be by the time this season is through.

At 1/14/2006 07:31:00 PM, Blogger Berry said...

I couldn't take my eyes off him last Wednesday....when they showed him all cleaned up...oooweee!!! Those eyes are just mesmerizing.


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