Thursday, April 21, 2005

El Papa Watch continues...

An interesting piece in the NYT about how Ratz--er, Benedict XVI--might influence social and political positions of Catholics in the U.S. One of the points made which I found especially interesting: Though the church teachings oppose the war in Iraq and the death penalty, and supports "social justice for the poor," (politically) conservative Catholics are not held to those teachings; (politically) liberal Catholics, on the other hand, are judged for supporting freedom of choice, etc. Not surprising; this is typical conservative behavior. The problem is libs are often too polite to call them on their hypocrisy, while conservatives never shy away from creating an uproar over everything (Terry Schiavo, anyone? While a black child in Texas was ignored and allowed to die over the objections of his mother, under the Texas futile care law signed in by no other than Gee Dub himself. *runs off to take medicine for my blood pressure*). El Papa on some of the issues that the church will face going forward. A kinder, gentler Holy See than cardinal? Registration may be required.


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