Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sometimes, I read Gawker.

Today, I read Gawker. I saw this, inspired by this. And it made me, I dunno, mad or something. I'm anti- fey New York hipster boys anyway, but somehow, I'm quadruply so after thinking about the way rock boys used to be. I'm not even sure why I dislike fey hipster boys. I quite like cross-dressers. Go figure. But seriously, dude has a dermatologist? That he thinks it is okay to mention, by name, in an interview? I can't remember my gynecologist's name half the time. Carps. And I think what makes me angriest is his fancy Kiehls hair grooming system. Dude. You have 2 inches of poorly-cut hair. I'm all for guys with longprettyflowing locks understanding the importance of conditioning and hair maintenance, because too often, they do not. But this guy? Shit, I'm a black woman and if I ever go that short, You can bet your ass it'll be some drugstore shit for me. This looks kinda like a parody, anyway. I hope it is.


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