Monday, October 10, 2005

Larger than life.

Way back when I first moved to the city, I spent a lot of free time combing wig shops and panty stores with my sometime roommate and Internets Superstar Friend while she looked for suitably titillating things to wrap herself in for her adoring Internets fans. I even did some of her photgraphy. That was interesting, being a semi-porn snapper. I mean, you can't say I haven't lived. Okay, this is not about me, sorry. Well, it seems ISF's star continues to rise and, like the plus-sized, bodacious beauty she is, she's busting out all over. She just finished working on a French indie film produced by the only Frenchman I adore, Mathieu Kassovitz and, she reported giddily, she took a wonderful turn on the runway for Galliano Saturday, and she looked gorgeous.* Congrats, Internets Superstar Friend! *Click the link, then click on the tiny photo on the upper right side of the lady in the black dress with the little man. That's ISF. Dude, Orlando Pita did her hair. Dude.


At 10/10/2005 07:54:00 AM, Blogger FUNKYBROWNCHICK said...

Wow! That's pretty impressive; congrats to your roommate.

And, what's this about Mathieu Kassovitz being the only Frenchman that you adore? What about Oliver Martinez or that kid that played Theo in the Dreamers, Louis Garrel? Don't they each get an Honorable Mention at least??? :)



At 10/10/2005 12:08:00 PM, Blogger ding said...

i'm so with you, sid.
mathieu, mathieu, mathieu.

adorable, smart and i just want to bite him all over.

At 10/10/2005 12:41:00 PM, Blogger Sid said...

Okay, Olivier Martinez gets a nod, as he is super the sexy. Garrel, however, gets no love. He looks like ever New York Hipster boy on the LES, man. And I should also point out that I am in actuality biased against frenchmen, as I believe they hit 40 and usually turn into horrifying looking hobbits. So don't listen to me when it comes to the french, lol.

Ah, but Mathieu. Mathieu. I LOVE that man. LOVE. Love his films(okay, Gothika was kinda busted, though he was behind the lens, and Birtday Girl was busted even though he was in front because, frankly, the redhaired giraffe scares the shit out of me, nearly as much as does her batshit scientologist ex, but La Haine? Metisse? Amelie? Much love). I love his crazy nearsightedness (at least he looks like he should be wearing coke-bottles). I love his little razorsharp nose. Love. he just seems to be brilliant, and that, more than anything else, is my hugest crushery. I likes the eccentric genius boys.



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