Friday, March 03, 2006

Hello, blogger!

So remember the day I called off the potential paramour? I did follow through with another meeting that day. Last Tuesday I met... STOLIE! The Stolinator. Headmistress of the Stolie Nation. Now, I think every blogger has a blogger he or she is a little nervous about meeting. Not because you don't want to meet the person, but because you do. And you're worried that if you meet, and don't like each other, or the person seems totally different from their blog persona, or sticks you with their drink bill, or hates your shoes, or whatever, a blog relationship will be destroyed forever. Forever. So when I strolled into an UES cafe/bar to meet her Tuesday afternoon, I was a little... apprehensive. All my real life blog meetups have gone swell, so far. What if this was to be the tanker? It would be horrible, especially since we are cybertwins and are of like mind on most things (exceptions being Paul Walker and, um...okay, I don't recall if there was actually anything besides Paul Walker). I was nervous. Like I was going to a job interview. Of course, all my fears were laid to rest when I actually met her. Aside from the fact that she had a megawatt smile, was funny and smart as heck and was just lovely, she was wearing my favorite color (we matched!) and was already hitting the pinot noir. My kinda gal! I grabbed a glass of my own and we proceeded to gab and laugh for hours about men, travel, life, old men, money, work, cute men, naked people on the Internets and warm caramels, not necessarily in that order, and presence of small children and conservative, quiet neighbors notwithstanding. Good times, man. Good times. At the end, she noticed how much time had flown by and had to run to catch up with one of her boy snacks and I hopped in a cab and headed home, but not before we talked about meeting up again, some time soon I hope. And next time, with drag queens. Okay, I just threw that drag queen bit in. But a girl can hope!


At 3/16/2006 11:12:00 AM, Blogger FUNKYBROWNCHICK said...

Sweetie, I really enjoyed meeting you, too! We sooo have to hang out again soon. This weekend is St. Paddy's Day and my sister is coming in town next week. Are you free the following weekend (3/24 - 3/26)? If so, let's pick a day to get hang out. And, hell, let's throw the drag queens in there, too.


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