Friday, February 25, 2005

Twenty minutes of Golden X-tasy

Eeeeeeew. This has absolutely nothing to to with that kind of golden ecstasy, you dirty pervs who got here searching for "very young Vietnamese golden showers" porn. Yesterday, I met X and Golden! No wait, let me rewind. Over the weekend, Saturday, when I first talked to X, who was on her way to rendezvous with the whole NYC blogging crew at Port Authority, a get-together to which I would like to point out I was not invited (ahem, but that's alright, y'all. I wasn't hurt. Sniff.), we talked about meeting Tuesday. Because, at the time, she was planning to leave on Wednesday. I don't remember what happened Tuesday, but she stayed, so we made plans to have lunch at Ruby Foo's on Wednesday, 12:30. So who wakes me up at 9 o'clock in the damn morning on Wednesday to tell me she's not coming, because she wants to spend some quality time with her mama? Huh? Who? And then, who calls me, two hours later, after I rearranged aaaaaaaaalllllll my many morning plans (sleep, gym, shower became blogsurf, shower after she cancellededed, because in my world, getting up earlier actually results in accomplishing less) to tell me she changed her mind again and wanted to meet up? Who? And who showed up at Ruby Foo's at 1:40, all late, poor Golden standing outside in the cold waiting for her, because she didn't know what I looked like and I didn't know she was coming (I'm glad she did! Besides the fact that she's lovely and damn funny, she and X taught me how to pronounce Ki-Toy)? Huh? Who? Mm-hmm. Ms. Xquizzyt1 herself. Alladat wait for, like, 20 minutes of chat. Was it even worth it? Hellus Yesus!! (to borrow a phrase from Will) *Crank Yankers 'tard-boy voice* Yaaaaaaay, I met X, yaaaaaay, I met Golden, yaaaaaay! Both ladies were polished and gorgeous, Golden all dressed up for work, since she came cross-town from her job, and X wearing one of the dozen--yes, dozen--cashmere sweaters she bought at Macy's (I actually had to lean over and touch it, it was so soft and comfy looking). And they were soooo nice! And hilarious! And I'm jealous, 'cause 20 minutes after they got there, I had to leave for work, booooooooo! So I don't have more to say, because I missed out on all the scoop. Hm. We were supposed to meet again tonight at the sushi meetup, but the snow interfered with that plan, so now, perhaps we'll meet up again Saturday, before X leaves. Maybe we can even get Will in on the deal. You hear that Will? Even though you claimed you wanted to see a sister last weekend and then didn't invite her to the bowlfest, I will invite you to the get-together I would like to plan for this weekend, because I'm cool like that. Hmph. Other bloggers I'd like to meet in the near future--Golden (again) and Singing Chick! Perhaps over tequila shots... Happy Friday!


At 2/25/2005 09:15:00 AM, Blogger Amn.eris said...

Sounds absolutely marvy dahling! I was under the impression that you were invited last weekend...but weren't able to come BOO-HISS!!! (Will, we must discuss.)

Well, Golden and I said that we are going to figure something out so you can come next time. (Bowlmar sounds like a plan....good bowling and drinks...I am game.)

At 2/25/2005 10:14:00 AM, Anonymous golden aka sexy bitch! said...

I'm down for the weekend meet up! Just HOLLA! X's got my #! Sid you can email me I'll give it to ya!

Guuuuuuuuurl! Gotta have lunch again one day when the boss is away so u can try those Reeses Pieces Pastelillos! Hmmmmm!

I'm with Diva! let's go BOWLING! I'm hooked!

@ Will -- how dare you leave out Sid! It's on bruh! It's on!

At 2/25/2005 10:20:00 AM, Blogger Brown Shuga said...

Don't be TOO mad about your twenty minutes with them. I got about the same amount of time with X and Will. And it wasn't enough. But...I guess the fact that Will was only here for a layover en route to LA is a good excuse as any. hee hee Hey...just stick me in whenever you can. Muhahahaha!


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