Friday, April 22, 2005

50 Word Fiction

I think it's a neat idea. In fact, I think it could be an incredible writing exercise. I shall try this and maybe not report back, but if you, too, are interested, perhaps we can 50-word together.... In other news, today my Ma and little brother came to visit me for the day and we wandered around the city eating and shoe shopping (my poor brother, he had to take a nap [he's 12]). As it happens, I have turned my mother on to the Pumas as well, and this place called, er, Shoe Mania, I think, down in Union Square, had funky colored Speed Cats on clearance for $30. Alas, there was not a single pair in any color combo in my size. For the best, I'm sure. My mom, however, made off with a pair of yellow ones with a silver stripe. That's right, my mama wears yellow Pumas! She's cool like that. So I got some of these (but all black and not fur-lined) instead, at Tip Top Shoes on 72nd. They are comfy, like walking on really firm, arch-supporting, not-melty marshmallows. And trust me, they look much more grown up in all-black than they do in blue and yellow. The company website has some really funky, cute/comfy summer sandals. A little pricey, but worthwhile, methinks. While we were wandering around downtown, though, we were surprised to see a taxi speeding down the street, grill-mounted lights flashing and sirens wailing. It was a po-po cab! Genius! My god, in this city, a cop in an unmarked cab could go absolutely anywhere and seem totally inconspicuous! Okay, except Harlem. I have never seen a cab on 125th Street that I didnt take there my damn self. Am I imagining this? Weird. As a mini-school bus drove swiftly by, my mom almost tricked me into believing that was a secret 5-0, too. Verrrrrrry funny, Ma, verrrrrrrrry funny. Then I realized it actually was very funny. Nothing in the world could be more humiliating than being busted by a short bus. I love my family.


At 4/22/2005 02:27:00 AM, Blogger deborah said...

Oh I love that you converted your mum to loving puma's!

And I also love the fiddy thing thing. I'll do with you :)

At 4/22/2005 04:05:00 AM, Blogger Mary said...

Your mom sounds cool. :D I thought the F-150s unmarked po-po's were bad out here - y'all got CABS? Good Lord. Another reason not to drive in NYC.

At 4/22/2005 12:16:00 PM, Blogger nai' said...

LOL...There is nothng funnier than being busted by a short bus...except, being busted and then bussed on that short bus


At 4/22/2005 12:48:00 PM, Blogger Will said...

LOL@the short bus! Too damn funny.

I did the 50 word fiction thing on my site, with music, thus accepting the challenge...LOL Check it out.


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