Monday, June 27, 2005


Nothing. Nothing. Nothing going on. All I do now, literally, is work and workout, and travel back and forth between the two. My apartment is a wreck. I haven't prepared anything more complex than scrambled eggs and turkey bacon in at least a week. I bought CDs last week that I haven't even had the time or inclination to unwrap, let alone to sit down and give a listen. None of my clothes fit quite right, too big or small, but I cannot be assed to go buy anything new. Yeah. Not even shopping. God help me. What I have done in the past week is plow through four books, fiddle around with some ideas for a redesign (I've even gone and illustrated myself, because really, who are you if you haven't got a cartoon alter-ego?) , ignore email and, uh, that's it. Oh no, actually, I also signed up for another month-and-a-half of training. If nothing else, that has to carry on. But damn, this fitness shit takes time. I spent almost three hours at the gym Saturday. I didn't mean to. I just...lost time. So sad. Other than that, I am now officially dull, boring, boring, dull, tedious, thoroughly unamusing and lifeless. How pissed off will I be if I finally have the perfect body and then find myself absolutely without personality? (I mean, shit. I have spent the last 27 years cultivating the pseudo-hilarious spunky/bitchy fat girl personality, dammit, and I didn't do it just to watch my personality leeched away by basement-stale gym-induced sweating now.) No wait, there's a place for people with that problem...I believe I have a brochure here somewhere...oh yes, Los Angeles. I could go there if that happens. Well great, one less thing to worry over, at least. These are the things that I am missing out on and would love to do if I were idle rich: 1. Listen to my goddamned new CDs. I took a speedy tour through Tower on Broadway and Sixtywhateverth the other day and picked up Oasis' ...Morning Glory?, the Beatles 1, and M.I.A.'s Arular. Actually, M.I.A. is the only one that's really new to me, since I had ...Morning Glory? way the hell back in the day and lost it, and who hasn't heard every number one Beatles track eight million times over in its original and remade by yo' mama, Puffy's mama, Yo-Yo Ma, luxury automotive jingle-musicians, elevator muzakians...wait. What was I talking about? Damn. Anyway, I heard "Galang", the first cut off of Arular about a month back, and have heard some serious hype about Arular, so I bought it. I'll keep you posted...or not. 2. Shakespeare in the Park. Be nice to see that again this year. They're doing As You Like It. Shame to miss this, since it's actually free. I don't need money, just time. *huff* 3. What is playing in "the movies" these days? I have no idea. I happen to be avoinding cinema altogether until the TomKat hype dies down, for fear I may have to watch forty-foot-high grinning Tom Cruise mug onscreen in the previews. Only thing scarier than grinning Tom Cruise mug is said evil mug forty feet large. I'm just sayin', God made that man three feet tall for a reason. 4. Eat something, anything, besides turkey bacon. I have had that shit every day. Can a sister get some maki? A noodle? Something? No, not if she's watching her carbs. *weeps* 5. Museum. Any museum, I don't even care which. Museums mean free time, in minimum-three-business-hour chunks. So, nope, not gonna happen, because I swear, I feel lately like every waking hour of my life is delegated to some shit I have to, need to, must do. 6. Blog about stuff. Any stuff. Chicago. My dirty apartment. People who irritate me, the Lush shower gel I just bought, real estate trends, anything. 7. Sit down and just work out a new template, already. Dang. I am so tired of this one, but I am so not ready to sit down and rework all of my damned links and archives and blahblahblah. Okay, that's all for now. I'm going to go have some eggs. And turkey bacon. And, if I'm really feeling ambitious, steamed string beans! Almost forgot, #8. Y'all know brother Phil has a line of gear out at CafePress now, right? I love CafePress. One of these days I'll get some stuff up there myself. Maybe. In the meantime, I guess I'll have to get my hands on a "Love Somebody" tee.


At 6/28/2005 01:07:00 AM, Blogger K. said...

That was a pretty packed post for someone with "nothing" going on. So are you on Atkins/South Beach? Because the scrambled eggs/turkey bacon combo sounds suspiciously Atkins-like.

I've been pretty "bleh" lately myself. Didn't know one could get "summer blues" until now.

At 6/28/2005 11:49:00 AM, Blogger Viv said...

Are we all PMSing at the same time? I swear, the summer bleahs hit me right now at work (admittedly I'm now tempted to fake a head injury to leave work). Shit. Must. Think. Happy. Thoughts.

At 6/28/2005 04:35:00 PM, Blogger Berry said...

Girl, those Love Somebody tees are HOT!!! You should get a couple ;-) We could all wear ours at the same time and start a Love Somebody revolution!


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