Saturday, August 13, 2005

New York moment

As it was my last day off before a very long stretch of very long working days, I decided I would do absolutely fuck-all today. Best choice I ever made. Of course, by fuck-all, I meant only things that I would immensely enjoy, rather than anything, like cleaning, grocery shopping, or future planning, that I had or needed to do. As I said, brilliant plan. This is what actually went down: 1. Several hours spent on the phone with TDMM, plotting our fall getaway. Fairmont, here we come! 2. Gym, for an hour of cardio training. I'm laying off my resistance training, since I did two strength workouts on Thursday, in addition to an hour of cardio, and I can still feel it. 2.5. John Basedow, Fitness Made Simple guru sighting at a local eatery, North West. Yeah, he actually eats. Apparently. I didn't actually see him eat anything, just head in. 3. Dinner with the lovely Carlos and his friend D. at Bar Masa. Brilliant company, great fun, both lovely and talented. 4. A double scoop of chocolate chip cookie ice cream on the way back from Bar Masa. That whole John Basedow run-in was quite jarring. His hair is just. The. Wrong. Color. Otherwise, he looks very fit. Dinner at Bar Masa was wonderful. I managed room for the spicy tuna with wasabi greens, foie gras, honey and truffle maki and mixed seafood ceviche dishes, with yuzu, ginger and sake drop martinis, all of which were indecently good, though I am experiencing pangs of conscience after the foie gras dish. (But if you feel no shame at force-fed goose liver, by all means, it was fantastic, order it.) I'd go again, gladly. If I can fit it into my long-term budget, that is. I joked with Carlos and D. that I would say John Basedow was the highlight of my day. Not quite, but dang, moments like that make living in The City* worthwhile. Now, I'm off to bed to prep for another hella long day of work. *Which reminds me: what is with people getting offended by calling New York "The City?" Is it the only city in the country? No. Is it the most fucking famous? Uh, yeah. Like, worldwide. So, while you may feel put out by the fact that some folks will call it such as though there is no other, recognize that any other city--even the big ones, some that I have lived in and frankly like a whole lot more--don't deserve The Title. Get over it. Also, I will shortly get around to blogging the lovely meetups I've had in the last few months with other fun-fun bloggers but was too depressed at the time to blog. I got love for all y'all! I just was all off blogging at the time. Hence, my lack of Chicago part II.


At 8/15/2005 05:34:00 PM, Blogger The Marlo Girl said...

john's face and body don't match. it's all very disturbing. like two porn movies in one body: from the neck up it's hot underage boytoys and from the neck down it's pumping iron II: the sledgehammer

(i just made these titles up!) LOL


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