Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Vignettes: nothing to do with salad dressing.

Me, deli, last week, to random guy: Hey, didn't you go to Fancypants University? You look very familiar to me. Random guy: No, but thanks for mistaking me for someone who did. I work at Prestigious Publisher, though, maybe we met there? Me: Huh, I think I interviewed there once, but nope. Sorry to bother you! Me, gym, today, to random guy: Hey, didn't I stop you last week? Do you work at Prestigious Publisher? Random guy #2: Uh, no, but maybe I should? Me: Uh, sorry. *flees*

Driver yesterday, 11ish to me: Wow, you look really tired! Long day? Me: Uh, I always look like this, I dunno why. Not longer than usual. I'm fine. Me, 4 a.m., finishing up a book: Wow, that was a good book. Only one left in the series! Gee, how many have I read altogether? *counting spines* Uh, eleven. Since I got back from Chicago? Can that be right? Hang on... then there were the others... *mental tally* Christ, I've read almost 14 books in the last six weeks? Am I stupid? No wonder I'm not getting any goddamned sleep!
Me, today, elliptical machine, gym: Wow, that guy looks like that actor. Wait a minute, that is that actor. What's a recognizable actor doing in my podunk gym? Me, today, elliptical machine, gym, ten minutes later: ...What the hell is his name?!? It'll come to me...if I can just remember one of his movies, I can look it up online.... Me, today, elsewhere, three hours later: *...?...*


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