Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Anti-word* of the day: Foilage.

Listen. There is no such thing as foilage. Unless you are accustomed to speaking only Middle English or are a surfer super-hero discussing your ability to thwart surfer anti-heroes ("I kicked that shark right in da nose, bruh, it was totally munch-foilage), you should not be using this anti-word. If you are talking about lovely leafy goodness, the word you are looking for is foliage. FO-lee-ij. Or FO-lee-ahj, for the hoity-toitiest, inclined to pronouncing everything in Fransh. Although, actually, in French, foillage would be right, I think. Ha. Figures. This rant brought to you by Ronni Lundy's book, In Praise of Tomatoes, Lark Press, 2004. I mean, shit, don't you people have copyeditors? I know, I know, there will always be slip-ups, but damn it, it is irritating. Of course, I fully expect you to ignore any and all typos in this here bloggy. Heh. *"Anti-word" courtesy of X, and no relation to the MS Word translation program, Antiword.


At 6/19/2006 02:07:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neatastic! (neat plus fantastic)That's what I think of you and your rants.


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