Thursday, March 10, 2005

What's good?

I tell you what's good today: 1. Omelets with salsa and guacamole! 2. Coffee! Lottofit! 3. Gymming after the coffee and omelet has settled, because I'm crazy hyper, and must burn off energy before being unleashed upon the world! 4. Guns N' Roses, all the time, bitches (oh wait, pre-Axl meltdown, fatness and cornrows)! Especially the songs "You Could Be Mine," "Sympathy for the Devil," and all of bloody Appetite, which I contend is one of the best albums of all time! 5. New Order, "Regret"--the Fire Island remix! 6. "Rearviewmirror," Pearl Jam! 7. Did I mention ridiculous caffeine highs? Almost forgot "!" 8. Vacation time! 9. Fametracker! I found it over at Viv's blog, Introspective Navel Gazing! 10. Sit ups! 11. Cooking "exotic" foods! 12. Going to stores to get things instead of ordering them online! 13. Really, all I had was coffee! But, like, two cups instead of one!


At 3/12/2005 02:05:00 AM, Blogger Viv said...

Sadly, the comments section died on Fametracker. I'll probably still visit the site, but not as frequently. The forums for me were the best things to read.


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