Friday, April 01, 2005

A selection of recent searches that led people to my blog

"Moroccan bitch" "Rachel Ray hot nipples" "How to pronounce 'Scion'" (Hint, the 'c' is silent, the 'i' is long, and this bettah not show up as a child's name, pronounced skee-AHN, dammit) "Big Black Butt magazine" and the creme de la creme.... HUNGRY JACK PANCAKE MIX DIRECTIONS! Gotdammit, apparently folks do look for that online. Pardon me,, for overestimating the cooking acumen of your readership. Ohmygod, what's left? Since I am on the subject of random search terms that lead to my blog, and my HitMap has me perversely desirous of increasing traffic from random corners of the world, here's a list of terms designed to do nothing but draw random search traffic from around the world: Marburg hemorrhagic fever outbreak in Angola. (okay, this is serious, so folks should maybe be looking for ways to help) Slovakia and Ukraine and topless! Arsenal, All-Blacks, and Scottish transvestite hookers! Brazilian shemale models! Kim Jong Il! Kim Il Jong! Daifuku recipe? Amitabh Bachchan Anna Kournikova not at all naked Drug busts street violence Guam Okay, that should do it. We'll see how my HitMap looks next week...


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