Tuesday, June 28, 2005

You just don't need to know.

To the individual(s) who found my blog by googling eighteen different permutations of Seal and Tatjan Patitz and abortion: Ain't nothing about that here. I promise. After this post, there will be nothing else remotely relating to it. Feel free to have a poke around, but, you know, dang, EIGHTEEN? Seriously. Try searching for Brad and Angelina or summink. Mix it up a bit. Please. That cannot be healthy. Or at least get here searching for some good shit like Dwayne and Vin.* *Bwahahahahaaaa! I am shameless. Jesus, could The Rock be any prettier? He makes my eyes hurt with the pretty. I mean, damn. It's just not fair. Weird though, I just realized my trainer looks kinda like him in that photo. How could I have not noticed that before? Shit. Great, now I have to erase that from mind, because I cannot, cannot, cannot seriously squat and sweat and ickily jiggle around somebody who looks like The Rock, dammit. Actually, I can. Whatever, I'll deal. I gots toning to do.


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