Monday, January 23, 2006

Hello, New York.

So, Saturday I took myself on a New Yorkish date. First, we hiked over to Crif Dogs (somewhere on St. Marks between 1st Ave and Avenue A) to grab a bite of tastilicious badness. A chocolate shake, cheese fries, and a spicy redneck--a hotdog wrapped with bacon and smothered with chili, jalapenos and cole slaw. And since we're pretty comfy together, myself and I, we snarfed it all down with little regard for manners and read the paper in amiable silence. Or in amiable Crif Dogs background chaos noise, same dif. Next, since it was an almost balmy, very beautiful day, we strolled the several blocks to Union Square to take in a few shows. First show: Underworld Evolution. It was every bit as good as the first Underworld. (Even a tiny bit better, because that guy who plays Kraven dies violently, like, ten minutes in.) Take that as you will. Then, since we had a little more than an hour to kill before our next show started, we made our way to Filenes Basement and farted around trying on clothes. We came away with a couple of pairs of hose and a few blazers, including a blush velvet City DKNY number. There was a picture but it got lost somewhere between my phone and the Internets, and I cannot be assed to take another right now. (The black satin Calvin Klein ended up being not as nice with the rest of the wardrobe as hoped, so it went back today. Also, we fell in love with these shoes but couldn't choose between them and these Kenny Coles, so we waited, then discovered they were nowhere to be found online or in other stores and sweated with panic all through work Sunday, praying that the last pair of size 8's would still be there today. They were. Amenhallelujah.) Then we ran back to the theater to take in The New World. Turns out a lot of people wanted to see it, so we ended up in the shitty very front row, craning head back to look at the screen, cursing ourselves for being late, and cursing theater management for being money-grubbing bastards who'd cram a row in so close to the screen for the sake of boosting per-screen profits. Bygones. The New World: Did you know you could fill an entire film with shots of water and trees, and a cute girl in buckskins running through grass, waving her arms around? You can. This guy did it. Apparently that is okay if you only average one film every eight years or so. Also? Who has that difficult a time realizing that Christian Bale, after Colin Farrell, is trading up? I could maybe have understood Pokey's lovelorn moping if she had started with Chris and then gotten hitched to Colin, but not the other way around. Kidding, the film was lovely. Visually stunning and all that. (Oh, I know, I tend to oversimply and reduce everything to an easy joke, but really the film was very nice. Also, the girl who plays Pocahontas is adorable and more accomplished than me at half my age.) Then we came home, curled up and watched a little telly before drifting off to sleep. Best Saturday in a long time. Here, a little slice of New York to love:


At 1/24/2006 06:27:00 AM, Blogger deborah said...

what a wonderful day. i like the way it started. badness indeed.

breaks my heart to hear you are leaving ny - but i see where you are coming from. sometimes new places and ole friends make the day to day much much easier.

keep the new yorkishness coming :)


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