Wednesday, March 16, 2005

You know what I just looooooooooove?

I just looooooove when there's a new person working the desk at my gym. Today there was a new person working the desk at my gym, and we had the most fun conversation about my membership. See, I signed up for a special membership with Synergy that allows me to work out at any location. Theoretically. In theory, my membership, and the little swipey membership card they gave me, should be good at all the Synergy locations around New York and New Jersey until February of next year. And yet. And yet, for some reason, whenever I swipe my little card at the location I choose to use, which is different from the location at which I joined, I come up in their system as a member with an expired membership. A membership that expired last November. Which is completely impossible, because I didn't even join until the end of October, if you'll recall, and they don't even offer memberships that short, seriously. I have gone over the details of the problem, repeatedly, with Every. Single. Staffperson. At that damned gym. I even gave them a copy of my contract, for their records, so they could put a little note in their system that says something along the lines of "Membership not expired, contract on file." Thirty-six little tappy-taps on the keyboard. That would be all it would take to clear this up for good. But has anyone done that? Apparently, no. No, they haven't. So I had the conversation again, today. How refreshing. I haven't been stopped and harrassed for at least three weeks, now. It used to happen every two. Just for kicks, some of the staff, who have been witness to conversations I've had with other staff about this very problem, some of them like to stop me again, anyway, arms crossed and prepared for battle and/or forcible ejection, as if they've never seen me at their gym before. It's not a large gym, people. I go at least three days a week, unless something is very wrong with me. They should know me by now. And yet. And yet, every few weeks, like clockwork, someone new comes on staff or someone who's been on staff since I joined conveniently forgets who I am and says, "Um, excuse me, do you know your membership is expired?" And then I pause, and center myself, and put on my happy face, and politely explain to them that, no, it isn't expired, I've just paid for the fancy membership, and for some reason, your computers refuse to recognize that fact, and I've had this conversation several times already and you have my contract on file, and could you please. Please. Please. This time just putafuckingnoteonyourrecordssoIdon'thavetotalkaboutthisagain, bitches, please! Ahem. Which is why I used "theoretically" way up there in that second paragraph. The extra hunnid it cost me for this "use-any-Synergy" perkie-perk, however, was not theoretical. In fact, had I waited a few more weeks to join, I could have paid about $200 less for my membership than I did when I signed. Which makes me wonder: If I have paid at least a hundred dollars more for the same shit as these other people rolling in and out of this bitch, shouldn't you try, just a little bit harder, to ensure I never have to deal with this bullshit again? Wouldn't you? Dontcha think? And yet.


At 3/24/2005 12:31:00 AM, Blogger notyouraverage.... said...

doesn't sound it would be too hard to make that note on your file, and yet. sometimes customer service is soooo lacking - especially in the fitness industry.


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