Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I guess.

Blogthings idea stolen from Keidra.

Your Life Path Number is 3
Your purpose in life is to express your unique self. You are a creative and artistic person with an interesting view on life. Witty and outgoing, you enjoy sharing your crazy ideas with anyone who will listen. A total social butterfly, you're the life of any party. In love, you inspire and enchant your partner. You are often an object of fantasy and desire. While you are very talented, you sometimes lack the ambition to put your talents in play. And while your wit carries you a long way, you occasionally use it to mask your true feelings. Your natural abilities can bring you all the success in the world ... if you let them
What Is Your Life Path Number?
True that. I guess. Dunno about all that love-life and party malarkey... Also, I would apparently strip to NIN "Closer" (true) and am secretly Japanese food (also true).


At 1/24/2006 03:58:00 PM, Blogger girlhattan said...

trhee is my favorite number, but i'm a 1.

Your purpose in life is to lead others.

oh, great. no pressure!

You have great drive and determination. Nothing is going to stand in your way.
You seek out challenges and the spotlight. You'll take all the work - and all the glory.
Status and success are important to you. You demand the best from everyone and everything.

In love, you tend to take a protective role. You enjoy being the provider in relationships.

You expect others to be like you, and as a result, you are often disappointed.
A little selfish and vain, you always put yourself first.
Remember, everyone already knows you're great - you don't need to remind them!

the short version? bossy and/or "slightly bitchy."

At 1/24/2006 04:54:00 PM, Blogger K. said...

You got Closer!? Waaa! That's what I wanted. Funny how one's life path number is just a little true, but not enough to be creepy.


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