Thursday, December 29, 2005

Is it wrong...

...that I want my name on the wall at this place before I leave New York? I mean, considering I've never been there before and I have roughly 20-24 weeks before I leave town, and this bar is way out of my prowling range, it would take a lot of dedication. Meh.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Gah! I WANT!

Okay, so I saw that cutey-cute-cutery pendant Mary got from her boss and thought, "Oh hey, I should check out the Tiffany & Co. website." That was stupid. Because now I want everything. Especially the Titanium cuff and ring. And the Paloma Picasso crucifix. Sigh. Anyhoo. I've gone and spent my money on more necessary things.

Because if you look up "random" in the thesaurus, you'll find my name as a synonym.

Dear FM urban radio affiliates: Hire Ms. X to deliver your traffic reports. Because hearing her go "Oh no, this is not the 'everybody get in front of X's truck' show!" and "A stretcher? Oh no, not a stretcher! Aw!" are the only kinds of traffic reports I ever want to hear, ever again. Thx, Sid

I'm still in love with him. I am. But have you seen this? It's like Memoirs of a Geisha in triband chrome splendor! Color, black and white, and sepia tone photography options? Say what now? Frankly, I'm getting to be a bit tired of US wireless. I mean, shit, everyplace else in the world (and by everyplace, I rather ignorantly mean Europe and Asia, sue me) has better phones available. Better phones, better service, better coverage, better wireless tech, period. Not to mention 3/4 of the world plays ball with GSM, but what do the major carriers here use? Huh? CDMA. I swear, it's like the fucking refusal to convert to the metric system. *muttering* Okay, over it. But you know I'm spending all day tomorrow at J+R comparing mobiles. I'm going to go whore myself for some free gym trials. Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Yeah, so...I'm back.

Went to see the folks and sibs, had fun. Once I stepped foot into the ancestral pile (that sounded so dirty) I didn't leave again for, oh, 48 hours. We did nothing but eat, watch the first season of Lost and sleep. In that order of priority. I watched the whole season in two days. Now I'm gonna have to start clearing my schedule to watch Lost on Wednesday nights or whatever. Damnit. And I won't see them all in order, so I'm going to be totally, um, lost. Just tell me this: When does that irritating Shannon bitch get eaten? Soon after the end of season one? Because, for real, she's irritating as shit. Also, does anyone not bitchslap Michael on this show? Anyone? No, everyone kicks his ass at some point? Oh, okaythen. I'm having a carb crash. I'm gonna go play some Sims and go to sleep. Hope your holidays were/are gooooooood!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Holidays!

I'm currently enduring the most ridiculous assignment in the history of ever, which means I got nothing to talk about, so I'm gonna check out of the blog scene until after Chrimmuh. Happy holidays! Have some gingerbread and spiked eggnog! Enjoy your families and vacations and parties and gifts and eats and all that other good stuff. For the record: that gingerbread is good as hell. However, it could drop a diabetic horse. Four--count 'em, four--different kinds of sugar. But mmmmmm, yummy.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Once again, I have developed eczema on my nipples.

Damn you, winter. Damn you to HELL!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Because posting your IM convos is fun.

This is what happens when you put an Ivy grad and a soon-to-be neurology resident together on IM. Dr. P: crazy bzznatch Dr. P: sorry, i really shouldn't be saying that about ___ Sid: hahahaha Sid: sorry Dr. P: heeeee Sid: but you said bzznatch ***** Dr. P: ha ha, oiling of the toes randmly reminds me of rome Dr. P: i love that show Dr. P: its great Sid: hahaha, you're right Dr. P: you totally got me addicted to it Sid: that last episode wasso depressing Sid: it's really great though Sid: HBO has some of the best shows ever Sid: it is the only reason to watch TV besides BBC Dr. P: what else they got Sid: they had SITC ... Dr. P: whats that Sid: and sopranos Sid: oh sex and the city Dr. P: ya, i heard thats a good show- spranos, but i've never seen it Sid: and six feet under, or was that showtime Sid: and oz Sid: and lots of other stuff Dr. P: i 've actually seen two or three whole episodes of sex in the city cause of K Sid: that gets all kinds of awards Sid: haha, did you hate it? Sid: SATC is kinda love/hate. sometimes i like it, but sometimes i'm just like, "them are some big old whores." Sid: eh. Dr. P: oh ya whores indeed Dr. P: i was drunk i think the time i saw it Dr. P: i thought it was really funny, and the i was like, dude, do chicks really think that way? Sid: god i hope not Sid: i mean some must, because that show was super popular Sid: but also i just htink they were big old whores. and new york is seriously like a whole different planet. i dunno, i haven't watched SATC in a while Sid: maybe i will when i plug the box back in (this is shortly after I spill a whole glass of water directly into my cable box.)… Dr. P: oh ya, Dr. P: is the box ready to go Dr. P: wear a mitten of some sort Sid: dunno, but i will Sid: it would have to be a rubbber mitten though, man Sid: wouldn't almost anything else be a conductor? Dr. P: not cotton Dr. P: rubber is a good idea Dr. P: but cotton would conduct Dr. P: not soo much though Dr. P: you could move away still ***** Dr. P: today some dude in line was talking to me right about random stuff Dr. P: this was at fry's when i was messaging you, the line was long as hell Dr. P: and then like twenty minutes into the convo, he asked me about my profession Dr. P: and i told him Dr. P: and he totally didn't believe me Dr. P: i was like dude Dr. P: dude, i'm a doctor for reals man Sid: oh sorry i was plugging my box in Sid: it's really not working right Sid: oh hell Dr. P: oh no Dr. P: not good Sid: wait, but what? the guy at fry's? Dr. P: the guy in line at fry's Dr. P: in line with me Dr. P: he was like doctor's don't talk that way Dr. P: thats what he said Sid: oh he's a bitch … Dr. P: whatever dude, i mean i don't talk the way i do to my friends, when i speak to patients cause you're not supposed to do that Sid: i know i know Sid: that's what's funny Sid: i mean, everyone switches code at some point Sid: you just don't talk the same all the time Sid: context, it's all about context Sid: and you're not going to be dropping words like hemangioma to some dude in line at Fry's Sid: hold please, booting my cable box Dr. P: k Dr. P: secretly i love the classification of hemangioma's Dr. P: its quite exciting Sid: okay i'm waiting a while longer to turn it back on, expecially since it's not working. Sid: hemangiomas are weird Sid: i spend a lot of time online looking at skin conditions for no discernible reason Sid: i should have been a dermatologist Dr. P: dude, thats the hardest residency to get Dr. P: cause its soo kickback Dr. P: and you make mad cash Sid: really? Dr. P: ya, you'renever on call Sid: figures i'd choose that one Sid: haha Dr. P: but i got NO INTEREST in that skin crap Dr. P: sorry Sid: i'm even lazy in my hypothetical career Dr. P: negative on looking at people nasty genital probs Dr. P: gross nation Sid: oh, wait Sid: i thought that's what gynos and urologists and proctologists were for! Dr. P: skin also Sid: ick Dr. P: its SKIN AND STD's Sid: well, nevermind then Dr. P: all combo'd into one Dr. P: yup Sid: i'd be the worst derm ever then Sid: because i'd be all Sid: that'll teach you to go sticking your bits any old place! Sid: ugh Sid: i really want some cake Sid: i have no idea why Dr. P: i really want some of that cupcake at that place you took me to Sid: me too Dr. P: i'll never forget that place for all my living days … Dr. P: IT WAS GOOD AS HELL … Dr. P: okay so dude, on the way back from albuturkey, there was this lady sitting next to me on the plane Sid: albuturkey? Sid: rofl Dr. P: ya ya Sid: yes? …Dr. P: anyways, this chick told me all about aroma therapy S id: whahaha? Dr. P: and then busted out a peppermint oil vail Dr. P: vial Dr. P: and told me to put some on the tips of my nostrils Sid: or phial for the brits Dr. P: so i did, caus i'm crazy, it could've been poison or liquid anthrax for all i knew Sid: genius! anthrax as aromatherapy! um Sid: so how did you feel? Dr. P: great, but for a while i felt like my nose was runny even though it wasn't Dr. P: but it was cool as hell … Sid: hahaha, "cool as hell" … I love my friends. This may only be hilarious to me, but it's my blog, bitches! Hahahaha-okay, sorry, won't happen again. Unless we gat back on the subject of hemangiomas, because those really are interesting as hell.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Shiny Shiny

How did I miss this Internets girl-friendly gadget haven? I just found it over in Baby Girl's links, and already I am hooked. Signs this blog is right up my alley? Their cute featured panda humidifier is a cousin to the adorable penguin one I just ordered for myself at (Shasta, this one is for you.) In other gadgetry news, tomorrow morning, bright and early, I plan to be at J+R Music World to pick up Baby's new BFF. The price is down to $250 from $500-600, with activation of a new phone line. I think it might be worth switching phone numbers for that, no? I wanted to upgrade my service plan, anyway. I have been texting like a muhfuggah on my crap phone, and it's costing me an arm and a leg, so it's time to get myself a text-inclusive situation. And finally: Mr. Coffee Shop called me last night to see if I wanted to grab a drink (When I said "almost worked," I meant he wanted me to go for drinks with him right then and there and I said no. I did end up giving him one of my cell numbers. *blushing furiously* What, I was caught off guard!). Since I was working when he called, I had to say no, but I have to admit I was really surprised he called at all. I mean, who does that, man? Calls somebody you had a 5 minute conversation with? I told him I'd be free later this week and he said he'd call back then. I'm wondering now, though, should I actually go out with this guy? Eh, if he actually calls later in the week, I guess I'll go. Happy Five-Days-'Til-Christmahanukwanzakaa (And no I haven't finished shopping yet).

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I just don't understand men.

Me, this evening, hiding in the farthest corner of a coffee shop: Dark circles from lack of sleep? Check. Oldest, pilliest sweater and rattiest hiking boots in my possession? Donned. Unwashed, frizzy curls swept back into low pony? Yup. Resume-tweaking scowl aimed at laptop screen? In place. All systems unsexy. So naturally somebody tries to pick me up. Clearly. Of course. Hell, I was so caught off guard it almost worked. If I hadn't been in the process of plotting my escape from New York, a mission I'd been putting off for days, I might be chillin' over some nutcrackers right now. Oh, apparently those are drinks, by the way, not any sort of dirty inn-ya-enda. So get your mind out of the gutter, thanks. Can somebody please to explain this? I mean, did the fact that I clearly was not interested in meeting anybody today act in my favor or something? Wha? Why?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mon Dieu, how to maintain my fabulous in winter?

I love winter. Snow and most of what comes along with it (snow men, snow ball fights, new winter boots), the yearly switch in my coloring (I go from a warm to a cool every year between September and November, somehow), the inalienable, God-given right to drop $50 a week on gingerbread lattes and peppermint hot chocolates. I love winter, I do. But goddamn do I hate winter! Bloody noses, skin so dry I wake myself up scratching behind my bloody knees if I forget to triple-hydrate before I go to bed, sore, dry throat upon awakening in the morning, having to actually purchase and use a moisturizer on my normally, er, amply moist *cough*oily*cough* visage, and, most depressingly, dry hair. Very, very dry hair. In years past this has been an irritant, not a full-blown problem, because usually in fall/winter I slip quite comfortably into weekly blowout mode, which is just damned convenient because then my hair is tortured only once per week and then gets extra special treatment of ponytails at night and being tucked up under hats after being glossed with something like this to keep the elements from sucking the magic juju life right out of it during the day. But now I go to the gym several times per week, and I really work out. Hard. Blowouts are out, as a concept and a strategy. It just won't work. I'd have to blow it out, like daily. And if you haven't seen my naps, lemme tell you, that would become an unpaid part-time job for all the time that would take. BUT! The curls are already kind of a killer in winter, because curly hair is by nature dry. Add indoor heating and outdoor arctic dry air and I get maybe one good day out of my natural. One. And let me tell you, since my "natural" involves two conditioners, a glosser and a styling product, plus ten minutes of finger curling, this is a whole lotta work, too. I can't be doing this every day, either. I'd like to go all crazy with something like Carol's Daughter or Shasta-approved Oyin, because their oil-based products would seem to be the perfect solution, but my damn hair is in my face all the time, so when I've used products like that in the past, it has taken roughly seven minutes for the product to transfer from my hair to my face and for my face to erupt into angry hideous spots. And of course the alternative, to keep it all pulled up, would render all the caretaking rather moot, wouldn't it? So. Da hell do I do this winter? Here, these are the products I am using right now for you to review: 1. Fekkai shea butter hair mask 2. Shampoo. I really don't care what kind, right now it's a big old Matrix I inherited from my mom. 3. Terax Crema 4. Farouk Biosilk Silk Therapy lotion 5. Matrix Sleek Look Extreme styling creme (Also inherited. She abandoned the line for greener pastures, you see. Oddly, though designed to hold hair straight after blowout, this has turned out to be the best curl-styler ever. All hold, all soft. Incredible.) Right now I'm averaging two washes per week, but that's stretching it, really. But I so don't want to end up doing this daily. Maybe keeping it pulled up all winter really is the answer. Meh. See? Even my hair has drama. For the love of god. What do I do?

Friday, December 16, 2005

OMG, Mathieu has a BLOG!

A blog, I say! And a website, too.
Must relearn (ahem, and dramatically improve) French, immediately. Er, immediament. Whatev--peu importe. Dammit.
Happy Vendredi.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Chicago people!

What is up with your kitchens? I have looked at a lot of apartments for rent and sublease on the internets, and seriously, I have seen some lousy, lousy kitchens. Like, a shelf, a minifridge and a tiny gas stove lousy. Tell me the places I've found have been anomalies, that Chicago does not have a kitchen-quality deficit problem, please! Happy weekend.

Just as I was all hating on NYC...

...I run into one of the superawesome people M and I hung out with a week ago when we crashed that corporate party. Dang, those were some nice folks. I just had to thank him all over again. Thanks, D! And your wife C, too! Just running into that guy, he was so nice I was actually cheered up again! Random. I'm not even sure I know how to handle stringless niceness anymore. That's tragic. So, okayfine, NYC is not the pit of evil and ill-intent I sometimes believe, there are nice people here.

International Man-Candy!

Eh, it's been a while since I beefcaked.

I heart my shrink.

I've only seen her a few times now, but I love her, I do. She's so goddamned, you know, what's the word, oh yeah, she's, like attentive and sympathetic and whatnot. Even when I'm rambling incoherently about all the shit in my life, and start to yell a little, and then fall over on her couch writhing like a cockroach on boric. I should get her a holiday present. Something practical, yet something that shows I care and appreciate her kindly audience. Something like earplugs.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Today, nutshell.

Gym, for the first real, full workout I've had since before SF. Lot of IMing. Suddenly love IM. Cannot wait to get 6680, will harrass everyone I know, nonstop. Dinner at Saurin Parke Cafe. Good brie, ham, apple and dijon sandwich on baguette, though it would have been better if they used Granny Smiths (I think they used MacIntoshes or something). Kinda crappy Irish coffee. Oh well. Can't win 'em all. Syriana. Very good. See it. I can't wait to see this. I love previews. Bruichladdich. That's a spicy meatball. Wow. Smoky, almost sweet. Puts the 'Livet to shame, IMO, more power to it, somehow. Nightie-nights!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Boxy, but good.

Remember that old Dudley Moore filum where he plays a nutty ad exec? The one with Daryl Hannah, where the campaign the wackos come up with for Volvo is "Boxy, but Good?" This is how I feel about Joseph Fiennes' head. Boxy, but good. Also, he has lovely eyes. That is all. Okay, not all. Sid trivia: generally, I actively dislike romantic comedies. Unless they are spawned or based in the UK. I have made peace with this. That is all.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Deep as a midtown puddle.

I'm sure someone has said this before, and probably better: Why is it people use the possibility of dying tomorrow as a call to action? I mean, if you really are going to die tomorrow, then what you do right now doesn't matter all that much, because you will either a) cease to exist, rendering regret impossible; b) be reborn to correct all the bullshit mistakes you made this lifetime; c) go to some wonderful happy afterlife where you'll be too busy being wrapped in the light of woo-woo rapture to think about that trip you didn't take; or d) will be tortured for all eternity for the fucked up things you did and will be too busy screaming in horror at the sensation of malodorous beasts eating your innards to suffer regretful introspection.* So wouldn't it make more sense to use the likelihood that you'll still be alive tomorrow as the threat? *shrugs* Also, who's seen the new Harry Potter? Worth $15 to see in Imax? *I am not suggesting how you live each day isn't important, only that the use of potential death tomorrow is just, well, silly. Or not. Whatevers.

Rough week to be famous. Or even semi-famous. Or a cop.

Bye bye, Richard. I hardly knew ye, but you left one hell of a legacy. Lillo, I'm sure this was not the way you imagined you'd make the front page of the NYT when you got that lucky break over a decade ago. Now you're an assistant cop-killer.* Yikes. *I am constantly amazed anyone ever decides to be a cop. And now 2 NYC cops are dead in a month.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Because, really, I just have too many friends.

Are you like me? Dance-card too full? Want to thin the compatriot herd? Follow these eight simple steps to friendless success! 1. Complain regularly that no one ever comes to visit you. 2. Convince a friend to extend a business trip by a few days and fly into and out of your home city, even though business is in another city 400 miles away. Do this by promising to have several days off to hang out. 3. Now, agree to cover for a coworker on vacation without any thought as to how this will work out with #2. Manage to have no days off when friend will be in town. 4. Fail to recognize conflict until 27 hours before friend is scheduled to arrive. 5. Just before friend arrives, decide groceries are entirely obsolete. Have nothing in your cupboards but vodka infusions and oatmeal. 6. Abandon friend while at work, leaving her stranded and hungry in your space, hiding from your roommate. 7. Dehydrate her by any means necessary ('lectric heat, open bar at crashed holiday party, lack of groceries remotely resembling the cranberrilicious goodness belonging to roommate on right side of fridge). These simple steps should lose you a friend! But should there be any doubt about their desire to stick around, clinch the deal with this fail-proof affection killer: 8. Arrange her transportation to the airport online. Just make sure it's not any airport she actually needs to fly from, thereby rendering it not only remarkably frustrating for her to wake up at the asscrack of dawn to hop into a shared van, but also completely impossible to make her flight or connection! Flee to work in a cellular dead zone; this way you will not get any pesky voicemails or text messages about your misdeeds until any lingering goodwill is quite well and truly crushed! Feel free to contribute your own tips for reversal. Fuck.

Friday, December 09, 2005

With or without you.

Without M, on a Thursday night, Sid ends home, watching Rome or whatever. With M, Sid ends up crashing a property-management firm holiday party and ending the night at Camaradas (115th and 1st) at 1 am, drinking sangria and puh-raying for a cab back to the UWS. Fun though. Super real fun. Thanks to C, C, D, W and uh, J!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

As an addendum...

I feel like men are like puppies: you have to correct their bad behavior immediately, or they just don't make the connection later, no matter how you spell it out.
So I'm not even sure how to approach this. Just bust out with a big old, "Don't ever, ever, ever touch me again," next time I see him? Wait until he pulls something else? Go straight to management?
Goddamn I can't wait to leave this city.

Now I'm gonna have to bitchalize.

Okay, why did my doorman think it was okay to pinch me today?
I mean, I like to be friendly, but not that goddamn friendly.
It was an arm pinch, not an ass pinch, but still. I was running out the door and weighted down with bags, and it caught me off guard. Now I'm gonna have to have a little talk with his ass.
It will go like this:
Yes, I have smiled at you, and I too am brown. Nucca, that don't mean you can touch me. Do that shit again and I will kick you in the balls.
What do you think of my delivery?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

All I Want For Christmas

An updated list of my soon-to-be-favorite things. 1. Nokia 6680/81/82 Baby is getting lonely. She needs a mate. And since she's like her mama, she needs a mate who can not only match but slightly surpass her in some ways she'll respect but not be threatened by because she is pretty goddamn special herself at other things. Ahem. A mate who can text, voice record, video-conference, act as PDA, play music, and snap 1.3 megapixel photos. 2. An iTunes gift card. Like any parent, I spoil my only. She needs new stimuli. Also, M got me one last week and like an asshole I left it at the hotel. Fuck. 3. Nars Savage creme eyeshadow I have hit three Sephoras in two states looking for this shadow. It happens to be what would happen if one were to turn my own skin to a shimmery shadow, and thus works as a kick-ass light liner arond my eyes on those dark-circley days. I've had to make do with MAC Improper Copper base color, but I'm not happy, people. Oh, my mommy found some at some Brooklyn spa and is giving me some for Christmas! Thanks Mom! Yay! 4. A new gym membership. God, I wish I could get someone else to pay for this. NYSC would be great, thanks. 5. A standing weekly appointment at Turning Heads with Dekar. Life would be so much more fabulous if I had a perpetual perfect coif. 6. This Ani Zoe bag. It also comes in turquoise. Either color will work, thanks. 7. More Fekkai Shea Butter Hair Mask and Terax Crema, please. 8. Maid service. God in heaven, I would love you forever. 9. New Year's joy for all, because the last New Year's wish I made was shot all to hell by non-specificity, so I'll just hope everybody else is happy. 10. A Canon A610. Because my camera phone just ain't cuttin' it. Of course, if I had Baby's love, this might be unnecessary... 11. More L'Occitane lippies. I can never have enough. Especially in the arctic New York winter, because ruddy cheeks and ashy, cracked lips? Never a good look. 12. A JBL OnStage. Look! It's like, a UFO for your iPod! Also, this will enable me to play my tunes loud enough in my place to drown out my accompanying caterwaulling. 13. The MZ Wallace Frank wallet. A silver leather wallet, with orange lining! I want it! I want it!Yeah, I know it's for men. I don't care. I'm crazy like that. Look at me, I'm bending genders! 14. Mat Very Male. Okay, I just bought Mat Yellow, which I adore. What I am in fact asking for here is a male who wears Mat Very Male, because, you see, usually when I wish for something, it comes out all skewed in execution, so if I wish for something just to the left of what I actually want, maybe this once I'll get it. Or maybe I'll get the something just right of what I wished for. Pfft. 15. A lease on a 1BR right here. Say what now? You mean I could have twice the luxury space and amenities for half of what it costs to live in Manhattan (X--not a word), in an area with the largest concentration of galleries in the country outside Manhattan? Sold. Sold. Sold. Or leased, whatevers. 16. New Speedcats. Ho Ho Ho, bitches. Or I could go all Nanook on that ass, if yo'd prefer. But you didn't think I'd leave them out, did you?

Monday, December 05, 2005

OMG, I am such a failure.

So I went to see my doc today, for a follow-up on a blood pressure situation that seems to have developed in the last few months. My BP has not improved. Not good. I mean, I didn't really follow much of the advice I was given, which probably explains everything, but I wasn't about to tell her that! Also, I swear the only place I have high blood pressure is in her office. Right about now you are thinking, "Heffa, isn't that the only place it's checked?" Well, no. No it isn't. I had a normal reading at my OB/GYN, and if that isn't the time for BP to be up I don't know what is. And I suppose the fact that I just got back from a Whorin', Brawlin' and Drinkin' (TM) extravaganza doesn't help. I didn't mention that, either. Now I have to go get a BP monitor to avoid being put on meds. Did I mention I hate meds? I have the strangest aversion to being medicated for anything. Tangent: One of the nurses in my doctor's office is cool as hell. She's just funny. I hated the people at my old doctor's place, but new doc's? All cool. Anyway, to make myself feel better about my health failure, I went and failed harder. 1. I picked up a highly-caffeinated, BP-elevating Starchuckian beverage, with sugar-starch snacky on the side and 2. I did this without thinking of the fact that I had money-saving, already brewed caffeinated deliciousness and healthy-wonderful breakfast treats at home. It's cold here. I think I will go winter-apparel shopping today. I need a new scarf. Maybe some gloves. And some new winter boots. And a coat. Crap. I can't spend any more money, though. Maybe I should finish one of the knit/crochet projects I was working on this time last year...


Why do I have a sudden and overwhelming urge to watch Pee Wee's Big Adventure and Big Top Pee Wee? Like, back-to-back? Something is very wrong.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

So, Aeon Flux.

Apparently, everyone is mad sexy in the future. Either that, or the mad sexy are the only ones who the science geeks bother to save when a viral smackdown hits earth. So if you don't look like Charlize Theron, Sophie Okonedo, Marton Csokas or Jonny Lee Miller, well, you're shit outta luck. And ladies wear their stockings over their shoes. And wedge heels are miraculously good, stable footwear for an ass-kicking assassin. At least, the ones with actual feet. If you've got hands for feet, no one has bothered to invent a shoe for you. And no one wears poorly cut clothing. Not that I'm complaining about any of this, mind you. I mean, I certainly wasn't bothered by looking at Marton Csokas for an hour and a half. I haven't seen him in anything--anything--that made me not want to climb directly into his pants. We all know how I loves Jonny. And black hair and a good bob made the traditionally cute Charlize a hundred times hotter. I just love Sophie, period. I will watch anything she is in, because by God she can do no cinematic wrong., she's still okay in my book. And that's all I have to say about that. The previews, though, were pretty special. You'd think in a film geared toward sci-fi/animation/manga heads and lovers of ladies in dominatrix outfits (reduntant), you'd get previews for all kinds of cool upcoming action/sci-fi flicks. Instead they showed previews for this, this, this and this. Wha?

Golden calls it Crackbux

And she is so right. I mean, I know that every grande soy gingerbread or pumpkin spice latte I get takes me one step farther from my goal of being up out of this city by the end of next year, but I need them. Neeheeheeheed. Once I get my hands on one, I can feel myself mellow out and relax and get all happy and shit. It's ridonculous. Don't let somebody make it wrong, either, because that is the one thing I will take back and ask to have made again. I said soy, muhfuggah. You charged me for it. So put it in. And if you try to screw with me and put in some milk, I will be right back here in 10 minutes so you can enjoy the odoriferous emanations while you make my shit right, thanks. Yesterday, I discovered the tarragon chicken salad sandwich. Now my daily Crackbux bill will be twice as high! Yippee. I really have to limit myself to one trip per week. As a step toward this goal, I just bought some chicken and three different flavored whole-beans from Hell. Excuse me, Fairway. Wish me luck and restraint. Meh. I need to escape myself for a little while. I'm hitting the gym. Later, I'm heading out to see Aeon Flux (and you know, since this is a Saturday night, the day after it opened, and I do have, ahem, issues, about where I sit, that I will be up in that piece an hour early, game face on, elbows sharpened, and contraband snacks in hand. Bag. Whatevers.). Happy weekend.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Get here now.

God help me. Blah blah, as usual, I've had just about all I can take of this Place, and it feels the same about me, I reckon. It and I are lurching on unsteady legs toward the death of our relationship. I am such a fucking drama queen. Anyway. Maybe you'd like to check out the happy gal I am someplace else?